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The National Association of Climate Resilience Planners (NACRP) is a multi-stakeholder, peer-learning resource, and referral network, including grassroots, frontline community groups, facilitators, and partners that fosters effective, place-based climate resilience planning and implementation, by which we actively cultivate a community of practice of the Community-Driven Climate Resilience Planning Framework on a national scale.

Benefits of Membership

Peer Led Calls

Quarterly applied practice peer calls to engage in cross-community strategy and learning.

Community - Driven Facilitation Opportunities

Monthly communications related to community-driven planning and facilitation opportunities/RFPs.

Workshops & Trainings

Training/workshop opportunities, and invitation to a bi-annual gathering.

NACRP Facilitator's Training

Access to the NACRP Facilitators’ Credential Training

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NACRP Network Access

Access to a listserv of NACRP members.

NACRP Member Participation

A voice in the direction, collective actions, and endorsements of the NACRP.

How to become a NACRP Member:


Anyone who completes a VISON | POWER | SOLUTIONS (VPS) series is eligible to apply to become a member of NACRP. A VPS series will be held each year and participants who attend a majority of the sessions in the series will be invited to apply for membership. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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