Our Story

Photo credit: PUSH Buffalo

Launched in 2017 after the development of the Community-Driven Climate Resilience Planning  (CDCRP) Framework, the  National Association of Climate Resilience Planners (NACRP) is a multi-stakeholder, peer-learning resource, and referral network, including grassroots, frontline community groups, facilitators, and partners that fosters effective, place-based climate resilience planning and implementation, by which we actively cultivate a community of practice of the CDCRP Framework on a national scale.

The association is dedicated to advancing the practice of community-driven planning through: continued development and dissemination of  the Community-Drive Climate Resilience Planning Framework; endorsements to aligned organizing and political advocacy platforms and calls to action; sharing on-the-ground experience and people’s plans, tools, resources, and training; regular peer-to-peer learning and in-person gatherings; and a program to credential and promote community-driven planners rooted in frontline communities.

NACRP is a program of People’s Climate Innovation Center a with the guidance of Advisors made up of NACRP Founders and members. Climate Innovation partners with Facilitating Power to provide capacity-building programs through the NACRP.