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Seed Your Vision with Our Fund: Coming Spring 2024

In order to continue to build the field of practice of community-driven planning and evolve tools, models, and approaches, we need more on-the-ground examples and stories from  across the country.

To help meet this need, the National Association of Climate Resilience Planners (NACRP) is launching a Community-Driven Planning Fund in Spring 2024 which will support community-driven planning processes that are governed by community-driven planners and facilitators. Each quarter, NACRP members will be able to submit proposals for funding for up to $25,000 in order to resource communities and/or facilitators accountable to frontline communities to launch, continue, or complete a community-driven planning process.

People’s Climate Innovation Center (CI) will coordinate and administer the Fund and NACRP members, functioning as Advisors, will govern the Fund grantee selection process.

Our vision is that the Fund will seed and raise visibility of emergent efforts, contribute to the dissemination of community-led “people plans,” facilitative leadership, and community power-building


The fund will support:

  • Community visioning and priority setting
  • Community assessments to understand threats, assets, and opportunities
  • Community-driven solutions (efforts to solve the problems a community faces)
  • Community power building to advance community priorities and solutions
  • Development of racially equitable, community-driven action plans
  • Intervening on public planning processes so as to advance community priorities
  • Working to shift local policies for racial, economic, and climate justice
  • Translating, or learning to translate, community language and needs into planner-speak
  • Resource planning including capital plans, grant research and writing to fund community-led solutions


Our goals of the Fund include:

  • Meeting the need for community-driven planning, in communities working to address the pandemic, economic crises, ecological crises, climate impacts, institutional racism, and other threats to community health and well-being.
  • Building our collective capacity to replace top-down planning models that replicate the power dynamics that resulted in the problems our communities are facing.
  • Cultivating local facilitation capacity to ensure rootedness and accountability to frontline communities, as opposed to bringing in outside facilitators or corporate firms.
  • Sharing the stories of impact from communities reclaiming our power to advance our own solutions to current crises.
  • Strengthening the community of practice among facilitators to grow and deepen our shared practice.

How to Apply

The NACRP Fund application will launch March 15, 2024 with a quarterly rolling basis. Approximately 2-3 proposals will be funded per quarter.

2024 Proposal Deadlines and Fund Decisions

Q1 Application Deadline April 19, 2024

Q2 Application Deadline July 19, 2024

Q3 Application Deadline October 18, 2024


Fund Launches March 2024

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