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The National Association of Climate Resilience Planners (NACRP) is a multi-stakeholder, peer-learning resource, and referral network, including grassroots and frontline community groups, facilitators, and partners that fosters effective, place-based climate resilience planning and implementation, by which we actively cultivate a community of practice of the Community-Driven Climate Resilience Planning (CDCRP) Framework on a national scale.

Member Commitments

Those interested in becoming a member of the National Association of Climate Resilience Planners must affirm the following:
  1. I affirm that climate solutions must be rooted in community priorities that flow from a vision of resilience and solutions based on a community’s unique experience and understanding of the challenges they face. 
  2. I affirm that I will work towards building capacity for community voice and power to get climate solutions (including health, food, water, energy, transportation, land-use, housing, and economic opportunity), regardless of size or scale, to be designed by and for communities, resourced, and implemented.
  3. I affirm that when climate resilience planning processes are conducted without community capacity to vision and build power, they can become empty investments and promote short-term or false solutions. 
  4. I affirm that I will support, promote, and facilitate when needed, culturally relevant, democratic processes that meaningfully engage vulnerable and impacted communities in defining and building climate resilience.

Benefits of Membership

Belonging to a community of practice through:

  • Access to a national network of practitioners via our member-only listserv, bi-annual gathering, quarterly peer calls, and peer mentoring, 
  • Staying informed with our monthly newsletter, featuring member spotlights, funding and job opportunities, resources, and blogs.
  • Hands-on support for community-driven planning projects through access to small grants 
  • Free member-only discounts to trainings and workshops, like our VISION | POWER | SOLUTIONS workshop series.
  • Facilitative leadership training through our certification program and opportunities to facilitate community-driven planning processes through our facilitator referral network. 
  • Access to technical assistance through our resource hub and our growing online resource library.
  • A voice in the direction of the network and opportunities to influence collective actions and endorsements of the network.

Membership Types

In order to support NACRP member offerings and uphold the NACRP member commitments we have a range of accessible annual membership types and ask that new members select the type that best reflects their status. 

NACRP membership can be held by an individual or an organization. For organizations, NACRP recognizes the organizational entity as a member, including anyone representing that organization.

Grassroots organizer/ frontline community member


A grassroots organizer is an individual that works alongside members of their community to bring about positive change by mobilizing resources, facilitating dialogue, and taking collective action to address issues that negatively impact them. Frontline communities are those that experience the most immediate and worst impacts of climate change and are most often communities of color, Indigenous and low-income.

Community-Based Organization


Driven by community residents, residents in staff and leadership, priorities and solutions are identified and led by community.



Non-resident led organizations, capacity building organizations, or consultants/consultant-led organizations with annual budgets less than $500,000/year

Allied Public and Private Institutions


Organizations and institutions organizing supporting equitable climate resilience planning (including organizations with a budget of over $500,000/year).

Source: Gundry, Gabrielle (2021), What is a frontline community?, Community Commons.

Membership fee waivers may be requested and will be approved on a case-by-case basis. To request a fee waiver, please email with a brief description of your financial needs and we will get back to you shortly.


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If you are accountable to a frontline community and interested in deepening your practice as a practitioner of community-driven planning while connecting with others in the field, we invite you to join our community of practice!

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