Our Purpose & Vision

Photo credit: PUSH Buffalo

Our Purpose

To support and build the field of community-driven planning by elevating the expertise of grassroots leaders and being accountable to frontline communities.

Our Vision

We envision nurturing a growing national network of community-driven planning efforts led by grassroots leaders, facilitators, and multi-sector partners working together to subvert the top-down planning paradigm. The NACRP supports a community of applied practice through trainings, workshops, peer learning, resourcing, coaching, facilitation certification, referrals, and ongoing member engagement. 

Our Why

We believe that community-driven planning processes will create stronger climate resilience solutions, deepen democratic practices at the local level, build community power to distribute resources where needed most, prepare for, and ideally avert, climate chaos. When communities own decision-making for their future, solutions are more holistic, grounded in reality, and equitable.

When those who are most vulnerable are at the heart of society’s efforts to build a resilient future, planning itself becomes climate resilience activity.”

Community-Driven Climate Resilience Planning Framework, 2017